MDC calls on region continent SADC, AU to act on abductions

The MDC calls upon region continent and internationSADC and the African Union and the international community at large to impress upon Zanu PF to reveal the whereabouts of 16 detained MDC activists including a two-year old baby as well as that of human rights defender, Jestina Mukoko.

It is now 36 days since the predawn arrests of 15 MDC supporters in
Banket, but Zanu PF, through the Zimbabwe Republic Police has been
defying court orders to release the victims. Early yesterday, Zanu PF
went a step further when suspected in an unmarked vehicle abducted
Mukoko, the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, from her Norton

Mukoko and ZPP are well known for their brave stance of highlighting
the brutality and deaths that were brought upon the MDC supporters by
Zanu PF militia and state security agents in the run up to the June 27
presidential run-off.

Over 200MDC supporters were murdered by the regime while thousands had
to seek medical attention following brutal attacks by Zanu PF thugs or
had their homes and property destroyed.

We call upon the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
chairman, President Kgalema Motlanthe and the African Union (AU)
chairman, President Jakaya Kikwete, to urgently intervene and make sure
that the MDC activists and Mukoko are released before any further harm
is done to them.

We fear for the lives of these people. Zanu PF’s brutal acts are a
violation of the Global Political Agreement which guarantees individual
freedoms and human rights. The AU and SADC, as the guarantors of the
transitional arrangement, should at least speak out against these sad
acts of brutality and thuggery.

We respect SADC and the AU as they have always stood by the side of the
people of Zimbabwe. We are certain that they will not let us down in
these dark times when Zanu PF has chosen to brutalise and illegally
detain innocent people of Zimbabwe.

In the case of Zimbabwe, the caretaker government led by president-elect Mr.

Robert Mugabe has clearly abrogated the duty and functions to protect the citizens.

In spite Mumbai in India it is the terrorists that are the centre of
abductions and threats of citizens but in Zimbabwe it is the Zanu PF
caretaker government that is involved terrorising the citizens.

Under the circumstances where the security of the people is threatened
the necessary statutes and mechanisms should be triggered to safeguard
the people’s rights.

by Nelson Chamisa

MDC Information and Publicity

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