Odinga calls for AU Chairman Kikwete calls for emergency meeting on Zimbabwe

Raila Odinga KENYA'S Prime Ministermr.r.odinga.jpgon Sunday (today) asked President Kikwete of Tanzania as the Chairman of African Union (AU), to call an urgent summit of heads of AU states to formulate a resolution to send African Union troops into Zimbabwe.

At the same time, Raila took issue with the African Union and the
Southern Africa Development Corporation (SADC)accusing  the two
organizations for acting without conviction or resolve over Zimbabwe

”Despite this long term violation of the rights of the People of
Zimbabwe, the African Union and the Southern Africa Development
Corporation(SADC) have, to our  continental shame,  continued to treat
Mugabe with kid gloves”  said Raila

”President Kikwete must now call an urgent summit of the  heads  of AU
states, who in tern  must formulate a resolution to  Send African Union
troops into Zimbabwe” he added..

Addressing international press conference in Nairobi today, Raila said;
"The power sharing attempt in Zimbabwe has failed disastrously, due to
the indecisive conduct    the chief mediator, former President of South
Africa Thmbo Mbeki, and the intransigence of Mugabe.

Raila said the AU has shrunk from shouldering its responsibility to offer leadership and direction in ending the tragedy.

The prime minister said Mugabe must be sent home immediately, and the
duly elected government of Zimbabwe must take office. He said election
has already taken place on March 29, this year, and MDC Morgan
Tsvangirai won the election.

”The AU must send troops into Zimbabwe immediately and remove Mugabe
from power. If no troops are available, then AU must allow the UN to
send its forces into Zimbabwe with immediate effect, to take over
control of the country and ensure urgent humanitarian assistance to the
people of dying of cholera and starvation,” he added.

Raila said going by the result, there is no need of another election.

He supported Archbishop Desmond Tutu call for the removal of Mugabe
saying Mugabe’s case deserves no less than investigations by
International Criminal Court in The Hague.

"We must not fail the dying people of Zimbabwe in this hour of their
greatest need. We must urge them to marshal whatever little strength
they have, to stand from. We must tell them that help is at hand”
added Raila.

Raila said the entire international community must act in the only way
possible. He said they must prepare to respond to the call of the
African people.

”We also appeal to the international community to assist immediately
by setting in motion mechanisms to deliver medicines and food to the
sick and starving people of Zimbabwe,” he added-CAJ News.

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