Abductees Weekly Update: Week Ending 23 January 2009

19 January 2009
• An application (similar to that in respect of Jestina Mukoko) is made in the Magistrates' Court for referral of certain constitutional issues to the Constitutional Court on behalf of Broderick Takawira and Audrey Zimbudzana. The magistrate indicates that

20 January 2009
• On Tuesday 20 January 2009 authorities at Chikurubi Maximum Prison allowed Jestina Mukoko to be attended to by a private medical doctor at the Avenues Clinic.

• During the examination Dr Gwatidzo diagnosed that Jestina was hyper-tensive and her blood sugar was too high.

• The doctor also organized for x-rays and an ultra sound scan to establish the extent of damage that had been caused by the torture on Jestina's feet. During the x-rays Jestina was still in leg irons.

• Dr Gwatidzo explained that he needed to monitor her for a few days and that she was supposed to be checked on every 4 hours due to the fact that she was hyper tensive. However, prison officials refused and Jestina was taken back to Chikurubi, where she has since been admitted at the prison hospital. The admission is against her will and her doctors' recommendations that she be admitted at a hospital that is fully equipped.

• At Chikurubi Hospital Jestina is being attended to by a one Dr Dobby who examined her again and confirmed that she was indeed hyper tensive and she needed to be monitored and this could not be done when she was in the cells. Dr Dobby then recommended that she be admitted at the prison hospital. The prison hospital is a pre dominantly male facility and there are no facilities for women. Although the matron indicated that she could not be admitted at a male facility the doctor insisted resulting in a matron's office being converted into a ward. The doctor is regularly monitoring her blood pressure.

• During the evening of 21 January 2009, Jestina slept with leg irons on and only managed to get them removed when the prison officers changed shifts at round 22:00 hours, after she had complained about the discomfort to the attending prison officers who indicated that it was not normal practice to leave a prisoner with leg irons even when they are in hospital and especially while they are sleeping.

• Jestina has since been put on medication, which includes, Hyper tension drugs HCT and Federan.
21 January 2009
• High Court Judge Justice November Muchiya orders Clerk of Court to issue a warrant of liberation in respect of Tawanda Bvumo. Muchiya tells State lawyers that if they want to charge Bvumo they should proceed by way of summons.
23 January 2009
• Harare Magistrate Gloria Takundwa on 23 January postponed to 26 January 2009 the case against freelance photojournalist Anderson Shadreck Manyere who is being charged with alleged acts of banditry in contravention of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. The case was postponed after Manyere and his co-accused failed to turn up in court as expected. The reasons for their failure to appear in court could not be immediately ascertained.
• High Court Judge Justice Yunus Omerjee grants bail to Bindura Mayor Daniso Wakatama and Tongai Jeki who were accused of making threatening calls to police officers, investigating the assassination attempt on Airforce of Zimbabwe Commander Perence Shiri.
• Tawanda Bvumo is finally released from prison around 2:PM in compliance with High Court Judge Justice November Muchiya's order of Wednesday 21 January 2009.

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