Return of the Sunday


As we promised, here is The Zimbabwean on Sunday - literally risen from the ashes to which it was consigned on May 25 2008 by agents of the Mugabe regime bent on putting an end to freedom of the press in Zimbabwe. They have failed.

The Editor and staff would like to thank everybody who has made it possible for The Zimbabwean on Sunday to fly its proud masthead on the streets of Zimbabwe once again. The incredible sacrifices, commitment, generosity and determination of many people have contributed to this happy day.

Sadly it is not possible for us to bring you the record-breaking quantities of the newspaper that we did before. The Mugabe regime continues to impose punitive duties of 70% on every copy of The Zimbabwean and the Sunday coming into the country – under the nonsensical pretext that they are luxury items. We understand other imported newspapers are mysteriously exempt from such duties.

Despite this crippling obstacle and our revulsion at having to swell the coffers of a regime that kidnaps, tortures and kills with impunity – while destroying our beautiful Zimbabwe through greed and lust for power – we are determined to continue giving Zimbabweans access to free and independent information about what is going on in their country for as long as we can continue to raise the funds to do so.

Please be generous and share your copy with as many people as possible.

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