Soldiers chant anti-Gono & govt. slogans in Harare

Gono, RBZ boss, the most hated man in Zimbabwe, second to Mugabe?
There was drama in Warren Park One this morning when two uniformed soldiers wielded placards protesting against the continued escalating cost of living coupled with commuter transport oper

Public transport operators raised their fares from an average Z$100Billion to about Z$300Bn per single trip owing to the announcement on television that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) had printed a new Z$100Trillion denomination at a time most sober minded people in Zimbabwe are refusing to accept local currency as legal tender in their line of business.

According to onlookers, two soldiers were wielding placards with inscriptions Join Us on them as they toy-toyed chanting Anti-Gono and Anti-Government slurs.

We cannot afford to wait anymore for things to get any worse. We are already suffering yet Mugabe and Tsvangirai are busking in the glow of good living…, a mutinous soldier was said to have bellowed.

The informants of this publication said that people were just too scared to join the road-show of the two soldiers but they had at least something to smile about that Robert Mugabe's men are slowly turning against him as reality of economic hardship are dawning across all sectors of the society.

Yesterday soldiers clashed with the military police as they had a vigil on the black market exchanging wads of Zim-dollar with foreign currency.

A soldier that spoke to this publication undercover has said that the government cannot suppress their dissent forever and they are planning a fresh wave of disturbances for the government to realise that it is no longer wanted by everyone except the fat cats of ZANU PF.

Late last year, about fifty rogue soldiers went on a rampage assaulting central bank governor Gideon Gono's foreign currency dealers and looted shops as well.

Yesterday one US dollar was fetching Z$200Billion and today the situation had deteriorated to Z$800Billion per US$ sending shock waves to the final consumer who was already distressed.   

A senior official at the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA)  Manyame Airbase has expressed concern over the persistent reports of their army details that continue to be nonsense in the public eye and said their organisation would step up stiffer measures to reign in on them. He feared that such incidence might a sign of a coup in waiting. 

The defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi once admitted in a press conference late last year following disturbances that rocked Harare that the soldiers were acting in contravention of the expectations of the charter of the uniformed forces and they would be dealt with severely.

Information has it that the rogue soldiers were eventually eliminated owing to the dictates of the martial court although official government sources deny the position saying the trial is still on.

Meanwhile economic analysts have said that Gideon Gono is Zimbabwe's enemy number one as they said it was not necessary at this hour for the erring central bank stooge to print a Z$100Trillion high denomination that only served to fuel inflation and worsen the lives of the ordinary me.

Gono has vowed to continue oiling the Fidelity printer to replenish his stocks of the local currency despite their being shunned by the public. Gono once said he has since learnt to live with criticism and he never cares what people say as long as it is not coming from his boss Robert Mugabe that he bribes with the term My Principal.

Meanwhile Tsvangirai wants Mugabe to reverse the appointments of Gono and the Attorney General James Tomana as he says their placements are in sharp violation of the spirit of the all-inclusive government.

The provisions of the Government of National Unity (GNU) say all top appointments with effect from 15 September 2008 be done with consultation of both parties

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