Business as usual for Zanu (PF)

edit.jpgZanu (PF) has sent a clear and unequivocal message to all and sundry - it's business as usual. The two MDC's might be part of some so-called power-sharing arrangement but that is not going to change anything. Zanu (PF) has every intention of running the show as if nothing had changed.
The contempt of Mugabe and his jun

The much be-medalled military chiefs who, bulging out of their brocaded
uniforms, attend every Zanu (PF) funeral, wedding or birthday, were
conspicuous by their absence from the swearing in ceremony.

The most un-gracious first lady refused to shake Tsvangirai's handed,
but extended her be-jewelled fingers to Arthur Mutambara after he was
sworn in as deputy prime minister.

In a clear demonstration of his utter contempt for the Constitution of
Zimbabwe, and the power-sharing agreement backed by SADC leaders,
Mugabe tried to swear in 22 Zanu (PF) ministers instead of the 15
allocated to his party under the Constitution Amendment 19 and agreed
with the MDC parties.

This ministerial inflation was craftily designed to give Mugabe an unfair advantage in cabinet.

The amendment says Zimbabwe will have 31 ministers. But Mugabe tried to
wangle himself an extra eight ministers, rather than the minority of
one awarded him by the agreement and the amendment, by unilaterally
creating extra posts for ministers of state.

If he had has his way, Zimbabwe would have ended up, yet again, with a bloated cabinet which it cannot afford.

The incredible saga of Roy Bennett's kidnapping and subsequent
detention on frivolous charges, and the continued incarceration of
Jestina Mukoko and 42 other MDC and civil society activists, is yet
further testimony of Zanu (PF)'s bad faith. They are cocking a snook at
the MDC, SADC, Africa and the rest of the world.  And nobody seems able
to do a darn thing about it. Shocked disbelief and stunned paralysis
are words that come to mind.

They can't do that – we all say – oh yes they can!

Perhaps the most unbelievable act of all has been the unilateral
pardoning of all Zanu (PF) murderers, torturers and rapists involved in
the orgy of violence that left 200 murdered, 300 missing – suspected
murdered, and hundreds of thousands injured or displaced. This
announcement was leaked to the media via a communication from police
commissioner Chihuri to his provincial commanders, long before the new
cabinet had even sat for the first time.


Romans 15 vs. 13 – TLB so I pray for you that God who gives you hope
will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him.  I pray
that God will help you overflow with hope in him through the Holy
Spirit's power within you.

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