Gono announces audit

HARARE - The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will, next month, embark on an audit of the Farm Mechanisation Programme to ascertain if the equipment is being used productively. RBZ Governor Gideon Gono announced the follow-up audit, due to start on March 1, under which every beneficiary's productive r

The Anti-Corruption Commission would also be part of the audit, which is
expected to flush out any ghost farmers who may have benefited from the
programme and prosecute them.

The first phase of the Farm Mechanisation Programme was launched by
President Mugabe on June 11, 2007 in Harare, farmers welcomed the
programme describing it as a welcome intervention at a time when
Zimbabwe was reeling under the burden of sanctions.

Through the RBZ-run programme, farmers in A1, communal, resettlement
and A2 categories benefited through receipt of tractors, combine
harvesters, ploughs, fertilizer spreaders, generators, grinding mills
and various animal-drawn implements.

"Right from the start of this initiative, we made it very clear to
stakeholders that the equipment was not coming as free gifts from Santa
(Claus), but rather objective privileges that came with rights and
obligations on the part of recipients, said Gono. We are following up
to ensure that this equipment is being put to good productive use, as
well as to ensure that no such equipment has been resold by the

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