Malawi ruler blasts Britain on Mugabe

mutharika.jpgMutharika: Respect of sovereignty
Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has said the British government acted immorally by pressing his government to speak out against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, claiming the pressure undermined the sovereignty of the Malawi gover

The Malawi ruler made the remarks while addressing a joint news
conference at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, alongside the
Zambian Head of State, Rupiya Bwezani Banda who was visiting the
country, before his departure for home.

President Mutharika visibly irritated following a question from an
inquiring journalist on the Zimbabwe situation, said for quite a long
time, Britain was putting  pressure on his government to speak out
against the erosion of human rights and economic meltdown in Zimbabwe,
a situation which has seen scores of Zimbabweans dying and few lucky
ones fleeing the country.

However, Mutharika said he always wanted to follow well laid procedures within SADC.

"The British government has always wanted me to speak out against
Robert Mugabe, but I have always kept quiet, because during one SADC
summit, we agreed that we should speak with one voice through SADC and
not just individually, said President Mutharika. 

By pressing me to speak out, the British, you are wrong and at the
same time, you have been undermining the sovereignty of Malawi. And for
your information, you should know that SADC, is a highly disciplined
entity," said, an angry Mutharika, shouting on top of his voice.

Mutharika said the British should realize that Malawi was not going to
speak against Zimbabwe for the sake of pleasing other quarters who
are not in favour of Mugabe.

"We shall always speak through SADC and not on our own. The British
should know this. And we will not speak against Mugabe for the sake of
pleasing them. We are a disciplined nation and we are not ready to
throw that to the wind. 

"And by accusing me for not speaking out, the British acted immorally and they need to know this," Mutharika said.

Mutharika has always been adamant on pressure to speak against Mugabe.

This is not the first time that he has blasted the British government
over Zimbabwe, the country where he gave 400,000 metric tones of maize.

Meanwhile, Zambia President Banda has left Malawi after what he has called an "impressive trip". 

He was visiting the country for the first time after been elected late
last year in an election held following the death of the country’s
second post-democratic leader, Levi Mwanawasa.

While in the country, Banda, visited the final resting place of the country former Head of State Kamuzu Banda in Lilongwe.

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