Mugabe fights to the grave

bob_mugabe.jpgPRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last night mocked the British, saying even my ghost would never allow Zimbabwe to be colonised aga

British imperialism was fought and defeated. They should stay very far away from us, said Mugabe, who turned 85 on Saturday.

If they want the aged, the old people, we can assist to carry them,
he said. Mugabe was referring to plans by the UK government to
repatriate its aged and infirm citizens from Zimbabwe on humanitarian

They want their nationals dead or alive, who are we to refuse?

In what was billed as a no-holds-barred interview on state television, Mugabe said: This soil will never be colonised again.

Even my ghost will not stand for it, he added, poking the lawn with his finger.

The interview setting was the pristine gardens of the State House in
Harare. In the now familiar disjointed manner, Mugabe spoke fondly of
his son, Chatunga, and angrily about Cecil John Rhodes and his
pioneering column.

The ageing leader spoke at length about sanctions and called on Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to take a vigorous stance in calling for
their lifting.

On reports that he had a mansion in Hong Kong, Mugabe said it was
rented accommodation for his daughter, Bona. She is studying there at a
university, Mugabe said.

We had this company, which offered that house. We pay rentals. The girls stay there and we have a room for my security people.

He said the Chinese government was doing something to stop the press from snooping around the property.

Mugabe dismissed claims that he had once considered fleeing to Malaysia.

He said allegations that he abused human rights and stifled press
freedom were a ruse by enemies. They needed a reason to impose

The octogenarian did not mention any possibility of him retiring any
time soon in the uninterrupted pre-recorded interview, which lasted
more than an hour.

Meanwhile a belated birthday bash is planned for Saturday in Chinhoyi
and organisers said they were ready to put on a big show. Supporters
will be bused in from all parts of the country. They have been asked to
adorn clothes bearing Mugabe's portrait.

The Times (SA)

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