Mutambara faces historic party revolt

mutambara.jpgArthur Mutambara
Harare-The leader of the MDC rebel faction, Arthur Mutambara faces a massive party revolt as party members react to his recent speeches and actions which have been largely viewed to be nonsensical' and irrational'. Mutambara, pictured above, known

Two of Mutambara's top party henchmen who on condition of anonymity
spoke to the ZimEye have detailed how ludicrous, disgraceful, and
irrelevant' they find their leader to be.  Many in Bulawayo have
already deserted the MDC for ZAPU along with scores of others in the
United Kingdom. At least two meetings have already been held since
January in Birmingham, Britain's second largest city as well Leeds
where large numbers turned up in support of ZAPU. One of the people
attending the ZAPU meetings, identifying himself as Clement
emphatically told the ZimEye:

ZAPU is still alive!'

Until recently, many Ndebele's found themselves aligning by default to
Mutambara's faction instead of Tsvangirai's as the latter was accused
reportedly of running the party on tribal grounds and favouring Shona's
above Ndebeles.

Many Zimbabweans both Shona and Ndebele also expressed concern at
Mutambara's September 15 speech which they said was childish,
emotional, and more of a colloquial than a formal speech to be
delivered by the leader of a national party.'

Speaking in Davos, Switzerland, Mutambara recently told donors to shut up' in expressing their views on Zimbabwe.

All the sceptics must now shut up and support what Zimbabweans want. Listen to us as Zimbabweans, he said

The leader of the MDC splinter group, who almost always poses in front
of cameras with a rude cynical wink, faces a massive exit of supporters
in particular Ndebele's who have vowed to leave the party and to
instead join ZAPU.

(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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