Taxman to raise US$1,7 billion

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner, General Gershem Pasi said raising US$1,7 billion in 10 months from taxes and duty collections was just another target he is confident to meet.
However, Pasi conceded that it would not be an easy feat as the revenue base has continued to dwindle, with at least

As Zimra, we do not achieve targets, we exceed them, said Pasi.
Presently companies have downsized, jobs have been lost, with production capacity estimated at an average 10 per cent at best. The subdued economic activity had grossly affected the revenue base which has affected tax heads such as value-added tax, Pay As You Earn, corporate tax and other indirect taxes.

However, anticipated economic growth as enunciated in the two major policies and the imminent formation of the inclusive government were expected to chart a new course for the economy.

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