The idea that there can ever be a GNU is absurd, but like so often in Zimbabwe's history the desire to compromise, shake hands and pretend that nothing happened is once again to the fore. My family was a casualty of the Smith and RF regime and what happened in 1980 is precisely what's happening now .

There is to be no calling to account of the murderous thugs that hide in the inflated Cabinet , no seizure of ill gotten gains. The millions of $US that reside in the like of Chiwenga’s, Zimondi’s, Sekeremai’s, Gono’s, Mnangagwa’s, Bredenkamp’s and Mugabe’s bank accounts could fund the complete rebuilding of Zimbabwe and yet they will never be redeemed. The ever open hand of the Zimbabwean will instead beg from the West and unless Morgan wants an uprising from the rank and file of the Army it had better be forthcoming.

I travelled from the UK to help fight an election for the MDC in 2002, I’ve given of my time, and money that I could ill afford to a cause that I believed was just and brave and honourable. It has proved an unfounded belief and I weep for the thousands that have died and the millions that have been tortured and beaten. 

Shame on you MDC ! The sooner Civil Society rises up and knocks you from your perches the better. Zvakwana! Miles Anderson. imdb miles anderson.

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