Torture and intimidation in Zimbabwe

An unnamed victim of politically motivated violence. These pictures were taken some time after the assault which inflicted these injuries and was posted on  site: 1st May 2001


Farai Mutenegingwa, wife of a supervisor on Dean Farm, 120 km
south-east of Harare, was severely assaulted and burnt. The barn was
burnt and the workers were beaten by farm invaders and labourers from
different farms loyal to Zanu PF – 24 April 2000.

Death threat sent to the Hubbard family of Hilton Farm, Nyamandlovu in
December 2000 by invaders occupying their farm. The letter threatens
that the Hubbards would be breakfast for Christmas and would meet the
same fate as Martin Olds from the same area who was murdered on
Independence Day, 18 April 2000.


This man was abducted at gunpoint on the night of 18 May 2000,
manhandled and driven in a vehicle stolen from Roy Bennet, MDC
candidate for the Chimanimani constituency. He was taken to Bennet's
farm which had been occupied by so-called war veterans. At the farm he
was beaten in the presence of the chief of the local CIO until he
renounced the MDC and promised to support Zanu PF. He was given a
programme to support Zanu PF, and then taken back to Chimanimani. On 19
May he reported the assault to the police. When this photograph was
taken, the photographer was told by a war veteran' that if it was
published he and the victim would be killed. – ZW News


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