Zanu-PF split over Jonathan Moyo

professor_jonathan_moyo.jpgProfessor Jonathan Moyo
Harare- Former ruling party, Zanu-PF has been rocked by serious divisions over President Robert Mugabe's move to appoint Professor Jonathan Moyo as Information minister.

Moyo is a former Information minister but quit Zanu-PF as he contested
for the Tsholotsho constituency in 2005 against the party's policy.

The seat was reserved for a woman candidate.

Sources in Zanu-PF said Mugabe had picked Moyo to return to the
Information and Publicity portfolio but faced stiff resistance from his
allies from Matabeleland.

The source said Vice President Joseph Msika and Zanu-PF national
chairman John Nkomo threatened to split from Zanu-PF if Moyo gets a
cabinet post.

Msika and Nkomo are the Zapu die-hards although they stick to Zanu-PF for material benefits.

The source said there was a war of words between Mugabe and Msika in a recent Politburo meeting.

Msika and Nkomo refused that Moyo gets cabinet post ahead of
consistent Zanu-PF members. They told Mugabe that they will walk out of
the so-called unity deal if the 84-year old appoints Jonathan Moyo.
Msika said Moyo cannot be trusted anymore, he said.

The source said Mugabe argued that Moyo was supposed to bounce back to neutralize the highly technocrat filled MDC cabinet list.

A political science professor, Moyo played a pivotal role in
championing Mugabe's propaganda against the MDC between 2000 and 2005.
He caused suffering among journalists through unlawful incarceration
and closure of newspapers such as the Daily News.

Zanu-PF sources said Moyo who has since started attending party
business faced frustration after the party stalwarts blocked him from
regaining the Information and Publicity post.


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