ZESA bills — The lunatics are loose in the asylum

Have you seen your latest ZESA bill?  We just got ours -- 698 US dollars for Dec/Jan!  And this on estimated consumption.

But never mind that the estimates are wildly wrong.  The fixed charge
is US$98 per month!  This alone is far higher than the highest total
electricity bill I have ever had anywhere in the world. In addition to
consumption charges, the development levy is US$31 and the rural

electrification levy is US$38.

And then there is the interest rate on overdue amounts — 41.67% a
month on US dollars — the same rate as was charged on the
hyperballistic Z$. And this at a time when the global interest rate for
the US dollar is around one percent — per annum!

And our meter has not been read since 2006.

These madmen are clearly trying to recoup decades of underinvestment by
the Zanu-PF mismanagement team in a very short time. Either that or
generate the funds to import power (from where?) so they don’t look
quite so bad.  But they clearly don’t know the value of the US$ …
they just know they want lots of them.

Ok, I have vented. But is there a strategy for dealing with this
repricing lunacy?  TelOne is doing the same — our bill from them this
month was US$193!

More from ZESA

The latest news today is hopeful on one front.  There is a sign on ZESA’s door saying ‘Closed — All accounts are now US$10 until further notice.’

It seems someone has finally realised the idiocy behind their accounts.

Now let’s see if the light begins to shine in other dark corners.

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