Zim's history repeats itself

Mugabe has said never, never, never to any possibility of Tsvangirai ruling Zimbabwe'
TORONTO - Zimbabwe's Government of National Unity (GNU) is historic and critical in giving hope to millions of suffering Zimbabweans.

Many are prepared to overlook whatever imperfections of the new arrangement in order to give the country a chance to recover.

However this should not stop Zimbabweans from criticizing the basis and
whole concept of a GNU which was proposed just to keep an election
loser in power whilst creating a lesser post for the election winner.

The GNU remains a gamble without any clear basis under the constitution
of Zimbabwe. It is a good idea in so far as it stops cholera, murder,
torture, rape, abductions and all the abuses. But beyond that it's not
worth celebrating.

The GNU will just work in giving Mugabe a lifeline, time to manoeuvre
and some ammunition to tarnish Tsvangirai's hard earned reputation.

Under the current conditions the MDC may find it hard to deliver its
promises to the people and ZANU will easily exploit that and  come next
election both MDC and ZANU could be damaged goods, with MDC losing its
clean image.

Mugabe lost an election and he should lead the opposition. Tsvangirai
being the election winner should get the reward of being given an
opportunity to form a government of his choice .And as a goodwill
gesture he could then have incorporated members of Mugabe's party into
his government.

Since the liberation war days Mugabe has been obsessed with crushing
his opponents, just as he is today. The man has said never, never,
never to any possibility of Tsvangirai ruling Zimbabwe. One wonders
just when he changed these views.

The current scenario is just like re-living the 1980s all over again
when socialism, communism and one party state were ZANU's mantra. In
this case it's clear again when the winner is forced to share what he
worked so hard for with the people who are still busy abducting,
torturing and harassing his followers.

Can you imagine if Barack Obama the election winner was then told that
the loser  John McCain will be President and a new office of the Prime
Minister would be created for Barack Obama? All just because there are
some army generals who say they can only salute a war veteran?

A brief look at history may help clarify the possibilities ahead. Dr
Joshua Nkomo, enjoyed enormous popularity in ZAPU and Ndebele people,
making him a significant political threat, ZANU unleashed violence on a
scale that makes today’s campaign against the Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) look relatively restrained.

When Zanu (PF) politicians talk of a coalition government, they have
the Unity Accord in mind; they trust it, because it has worked wonders
for them in the past.

After all ZANU uses tried and tested tactics. Everything that's
happening now seems to a different song but from the same hymn book.
But this is unclear since we don't know who has united with whom?

Mugabe used the army and other security forces, to destroy ZAPU's
support base by terrorizing and murdering Nkomos supporters in the
same way MDC supporters. At least 8,000 were killed and tens of
thousands abducted, tortured or assaulted between 1982 and 1987.

The Zapu leadership was rounded up and MNkomo spent almost a year in
exile in Britain. ZAPU leaders including Dumiso Dabengwa and Look-out
Masuku were detained in much the same way Jestina Mukoko, Roy Bennett,
Obey Mudzingwa and many others have been detained. Many died in
detention or were un-accounted for.

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