Zimbabwe needs its farmers back – Ben Marais

The TAU president says aid to that country will be futile without the restoration of commercial agriculture

Resettle Zimbabwean farmers, before giving the country money

TAU SA is glad that the South African government has not committed
itself to give financial help to Zimbabwe. "However, we are concerned
about the fact that President Kgalema Motlanthe indicated that South
Africa has to take the lead in the financial rebuilding of Zimbabwe,"
says Mr Ben Marais, president of TAU SA.

Mr Marais said to just give financial support of R10 billion to
Zimbabwe, irrespective if it is donated by South Africa or any other
country or global financial institution, will not turn around the
economy suddenly.

"The economy of a country can only be repaired and kept healthy, only
if sound economical principles are applied, well-founded on economical
reality.  The one economical reality every country in the world
realises, is that it needs a healthy agricultural sector, to provide
enough and healthy food for the population.  For this, every country
needs a good commercial agricultural sector."

Mr Marais says Zimbabwe once had a very healthy agricultural sector,
until the white farmers were chased off their land.  The more farmers
who were put off their farms, the more rapid the economy was going down
the gutter.

"If Zimbabwe would be serious about rebuilding their economy, it has to
resettle the banned farmers on their land, and also give them funding
to rebuild their farms, so that agriculture once again can play a key
role in the Zimbabwean economy.  Only on this basis TAU SA could
support any funding to Zimbabwe.  But until such a resettling plan has
not been tabled, TAU SA calls on the South African government, as well
as any other government in the word, and also on global financial
institutions, not to give any financial support to Zimbabwe.  Without
rebuilding the agricultural sector, any funding of Zimbabwe will have
no effect at all," Mr Marais said.

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