Mpofu dismisses says unity govt is useless

BULAWAYO - The Minister of Mines and Mining Development Obert Mpofu, who is Zanu (PF) legislator for Umuguza constituency in Matabeleland North province, last week dismissed the new inclusive government as useless and bound to fail.

Speaking at a party to celebrate his appointment as Mines Minister at
Nyamandlovu Centre on Sunday, Mpofu said the inclusive government will
not work and it was a waste of time as it is impossible to mix MDC and
Zanu (PF).

The new inclusive government is a waste of time, Mpofu told a
gathering of 500 people mostly Zanu (PF) supporters who attended his
party. It won't work, I tell you, putting MDC and Zanu (PF) in
government is completely impossible. The two parties are like water and
oil they can't mix.

Mpofu blamed Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai for the country's
economic meltdown saying he is the one who called for sanctions from
the West and should therefore be left to seek funds to rebuild Zimbabwe

Tsvangirai is the one who brought the suffering Zimbabweans are facing
now. He should be left alone to seek funds to rebuild Zimbabwe because
he is the one who destroyed it, he said.

The Mines Minister declared that all white farmers should leave
Zimbabwe and go back to farm in England if they were still interested
in farming.

He said Zanu (PF) supporters must start preparing now for elections.

Veteran political journalist and analyst Ray Matikinye described
Mpofus sentiments as very unfortunate, saying the mines minister is
one of the hardliners in Zanu (PF) who want to see the collapse of the
new government.

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