Roy Bennett bail hearing today

roy.jpgHon Roy Bennett
Lawyers for MDC Treasurer General and Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, Hon Roy Bennett, will vehemently oppose the state's appeal to the Harare Supreme Court, in which the state wants two Harare

As Justice Gware correctly ruled, on the facts, and at law, there is no prospect of success in the state’s appeal.

It remains our well considered view that there is no basis at law for
both the charges, and more so, the denial of bail. The charges against
Roy Bennett and all other political hostages are politically motivated
and trumped up, driven by those in the junta who are opposed to change,
and the inclusive government.

The inclusive government has a duty to restore the rule of just law and
dismantle institutions of dictatorship as a necessary vehicle to
economic transformation and reconstruction. Dismantling institutions of
dictatorship, and economic transformation, and reconstruction are
intricately linked.

In the light of the above, we demand the immediate and unconditional
release of Roy Bennett and all other political hostages unharmed.

MDC Media Release

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