Roy Bennett bail hearing underway

roy_bennett.jpgMDC Treasurer General and Deputy Minister of Agriculture designate, Roy Bennett
Harare High Court proceedings in which the state has lodged an application for leave to appeal an earlier Harare High Court ruling granting MDC Treasurer General and Deputy Minister

The application clearly has no legal merit and is soley intended as a
delaying tactic and justify the continued detention of Roy Bennett.
This is a typical case of abuse of legal process, moreso, abuse of
draconian Apartheid type law and fascist legislation.

It remains our well considered view that the charges against Roy
Bennett are scandalous, frivolous and vexatious at law, in that they
are driven by a vindictive and malicious political vendetta against Roy
Bennett. For this reason we demand the immediate and unconditional
release of Roy Bennett and all other political prisoners who are in
prison on politically motivated trumped up charges.

Roy Bennett has indicated that the conditions in the prison are
appalling and deplorable. The prison is not fit for human habitation.
Further, prisoners are failing to access medical attention, including
Mr. Elvis Nodangala, a South African and a father of 4 from Berea,
Johannesburg, South African. He was arrested on the 3rd of October
2008, but is yet to be taken to court and charged. At the time of his
arrest, he had a broken arm. For the five months or so he has been in
prison, he has not received medical attention, and his fellow inmate,
Roy Bennett is worried that gangrene may have set in. Roy Bennett has
become an activist for his fellow inmates and has, since he arrived at
Mutare prison, raised the plight of the South African with the prison
authorities and there is indication that Mr. Elvis Nodangala may be
released tomorrow, Wednesday 3 March 2009.

MDC Media Release

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