Tsvangirai calls for rule of law and respect for human rights

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday called on all institutions in the country to uphold the rule of law and respect individual human rights, saying this is the only way that will allow aid to flow into Zimbabwe. 

In his maiden speech in Parliament the Prime Minister said no donor country or institution is going to offer any meaningful assistance, unless the inclusive government projects a positive image.

He said by working together to promote freedoms at home and ensuring that they abide by the international treaties and conventions that they have ratified as a country, this would lead to our acceptance by the international community as a country and as individuals in the family of nations.'
I therefore urge the international community to recognize our efforts, and to note the progress that we make in this regard, and to match our progress by moving towards the removal of restrictive measures,' Tsvangirai said.
He added; Brutal suppression, wanton arrests and political persecution impeded our ability to rebuild our economy. Those who continue to perpetuate the culture of impunity are sabotaging the chances of all Zimbabweans to move towards prosperity and freedom from hunger and poverty.'
Political analyst Isaac Dziya said that the remarks were aimed at the hardliners in ZANU PF who have long governed with impunity. He said without the rule of law no country will be prepared to part with its cash and help a country that oppresses its people.
The country is deeply polarised and the system of patronage is so entrenched that Tsvangirai will face a big fight to achieve his goals. This might take time, but if implemeted fully there is a big chance that aid might start to flow in if the international community see some form of change on the ground,' Dziya said. 
In his address, Tsvangirai dwelt at length on the abuse of human rights. He himself is a victim of police brutality and has on more than one occasion survived assassination attempts. 

By Tichaona Sibanda

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