Harare residents want Mahachi suspended

harare_city Residents want Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi suspended to pave way for investigations into allegations of massive corruption at Town House.
The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) demands the immediate suspension of the Harare Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi following reports of massive corruption

Councilors have on numerous occasions unearthed cases of corruption at the City Council but are not investigated to their logical conclusion. Of late, both the state owned and private media has reported that certain council monies for some council projects have vanished from the council bank accounts and the money cannot be traced.

These reports are being made after recently it was discovered that the council had been swindled of over 100 beasts from its farm; and 50 of the beasts in question were later found hidden at a businessman’s farm (name withheld).

Minister protecting Mahachi

The Town clerk has been linked to some of these scandals and it is reported that the Minister of Local Government has blocked the council resolution to suspend the Town Clerk. Further there are confirmed reports that the Town Clerk made false presentations to Councilors about council projects which are non existent at all; yet huge funds are being channeled towards such projects’.

Reports of massive corruption at the city of Harare are also being made after the council approved a budget that relies mainly on ratepayers as the main source of funds. Residents have previously suggested that the council must initiate and develop income generation projects that can function as the key sources of revenue rather than the already impoverished residents.

CHRA notes that the council has numerous business ventures but the profits from these projects are being embezzled by council officials. Technically the projects are not helping the residents but have become personal cash cows for council officials. Recently CHRA has received (unconfirmed) reports that the senior council workers have allocated each other council business projects for embezzlement.


In the light of these issues, CHRA uncompromisingly demands the following:

1. Immediate suspension of the Town clerk and other Senior officials.

2. Immediate commencement of full investigations into the reported cases of corruption and mismanagement.

3. Immediate audit of all council business projects and public disclosure of the projects as well as their financial performance.

4. The Ministry of Local Government must immediately stop to interfere with the resolutions of the council particularly those to do with these investigations and the suspension of the Town Clerk

Failure to comply with these demands will compel CHRA to take some of the following measures without fear:

1. Massive protests and petitions against the Town Clerk, his senior staff and the Minister of Local Government.

2. Massive rate boycott.

3. Court litigation

Meanwhile CHRA will commence its own investigations into the reported cases of corruption and will soon make a decision depending on the outcome of those investigations. The Association will also be convening its General Council to deliberate the recently approved budget. CHRA will remain steadfast in lobbying for democratic, transparent local governance as well as the provision of quality and affordable municipal services in Zimbabwe.

Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)

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