Hatendi condemns hypocrisy

reverend_dr_ralph_peter_hatendi.jpgReverend Dr Ralph Peter Hatendi
HARARE - The caretaker bishop of the diocese of Manicaland CPCA has urged Anglicans to remain faithful to their calling, at the opening of the diocesan synod at Holy Na

Reverend Dr Ralph Peter Hatendi condemned the hypocrisy that has
permeated even the church fabric as people label others who do not
agree with their views as being evil, satanic and homosexuals.

Bishop Hatendi said failure to heed the command of God has led to a moral bankruptcy and near collapse of the diocese.

In an idolatrous diocese people believe in witchcraft and speak behind
close doors, they will not stand up for the truth and be counted on the
side of Jesus Christ. They hide behind such words as non-alliance.
There is no such thing as non-alliance or ours is to pray or we do not
take sides. A Christian is someone who takes sides between truth and
lies. God has no place for fence sitters, said Hatendi.

He went that Christian Pharisees had risen amongst the congregation,
condemning homosexuality but committing simony and spoliation of church
assets, lying with a straight face and committing sins of the flesh in
broad daylight.

Beware of hypocrisy in prayer and praise meetings that are full of sound and fury, said Hatendi.

The bishop appealed to the diocese of Manicaland to take Christ
seriously and obey his command since He died for their salvation and
believing in him was an act of thanksgiving.

The diocese of Manicaland has been plunged into chaos following the
withdrawal of the former bishop, Elson Madoda Jakazi from the Church of
the Province of Central Africa in September 2009. Bishop Ralph Peter
Hatendi was called from retirement in May 2008 to help rebuild the
diocese and help the diocese to prepare in the election of a new
bishop. Jakazi has since been excommunicated from the Anglican Church.


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