rymz_logo.jpgCongratulations to all the Zimbabweans including those who are scattered all aver the world for reason based known by the world and people of conscious for the 29 years of independence .This year's celebration should be marked with a new sense of hope given our new coalition government .

We hope all outstanding differences will be ioned out and that human
rights and the rule of law will prevail in our motherland country .We
urge all Zimbabweans to be proud of our country .We should know that as
Zimbabweans we are a great people and a future that can benefit all of

Good luck, may God abundantly bless you all wherever you are whatever you are doing

Thank You

John Vincent Chikwari-Secretary General

Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe

We have to believe in such a way that we leave hope and meaning to the coming generation

As long as injustice, poverty and inequality is among us in Zimbabwe we will never ever rest


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