Leadership renewal essential – Chamisa

chamisa_nelson.jpgNelson Chamisa
HARARE - Leadership renewal is healthy for democracy, MDC spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa told supporters at a rally in Neuso on Sunday.
Leaders are like nappies, if they are not changed, they can cause harm to babies, he said. Leaders need to be regularly

In an effort to explain to the people why the MDC decided to partner
with Zanu (PF), Chamisa told them that they wanted a new constitution
that would define term limits for leaders.

Don't be fooled that
Mugabe is still in charge, he said. There are now two centres of
power, one occupied by Mugabe and the other by Tsvangirai. Mugabe is
the head of State and Tsvangirai is the head of government, he said.

also said that a partnership with Mugabe was necessary in order to
bring an end to the economic crisis in the country and to bring reform
into institutions such as the electoral machinery. According to
Chamisa, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was responsible for
contaminating the electoral process in Zimbabwe.

ZEC chairman,
George Chiweshe, cannot even run a burial society, said Chamisa. We
want an independent electoral commission to run elections in two years

Chamisa, who is now minister of Information Communication
Technology, received great applause when he announced the need to
expand networks for mobile phones into the rural areas.

You must be able to call your fellow herdsman with a cell phone to look for your cattle if they have gone astray, he said.

response to concerns about the issue of provincial governors,
ambassadors, the Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and Attorney General
Johannes Tomana, Chamisa said the issues would be dealt with this week.


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