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radio.jpgThe A to Z of programming this weekend, beginning April 17th on SW Radio Africa
More details for you of this weekend's news, views and interviews on Zimbabwe's Independent voice, SW Radio Africa. Bringing Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans, wherever you are.

Violet presents this week's Hotseat with part 2 of the interview with
Professor Welshman Ncube, the Minister of Industry and Commerce and
co-chair of JOMIC. He talks about the many problems he has inherited in
his new ministry and what measures is he taking to try to make it
viable. How is he dealing with ongoing chaos at the Beitbridge border
post, and corruption around the duty charged on imported items? Also,
how is he dealing with corruption at parastatals, like Ziscosteel? On
Callback Mai Mwendamberi says that children still can't go to school as
they are being sent home for not having money for fees; Poison reports
that apart from those who are beneficiaries, most members of the
defence forces are fed up with ZANU PF and they now want to see the MDC
in power, and Thompson complains that things haven't changed since the
GNU came into power and they have had to endure daily load shedding of
electricity. On Saturday we have HEALTHbeat, which takes a holistic
view of issues of health and well-being. SW Radio Africa correspondent
Simon Muchemwa joins us with a report on the availability and
affordability of Anti-retroviral drugs; he talks about the recent death
of well-known HIV activist Lynde Francis and how this is set to affect
HIV activism in Zimbabwe; he discusses the new government's attitude
and policies towards HIV, and gives an update on the cholera situation.

Join us for The Heart of the Matter where well-known journalist and
broadcaster Tanonoka Whande shares his unique thoughts and insights on
current events. Tanonoka raises his concerns about the government of
national unity. He says, they are the supposed engineers of peace,
forgiveness, reconciliation and unity. But they are not showing us any
of these – violence on the farms continues, innocent people remain in
jails, and Mugabe has started firing and trimming opposition cabinet
ministers' portfolios.' On Callback Josephat believes that the GNU was
imposed on the people and can never succeed; Saipa says independence
day is meaningless to the people who are still suffering after 29 years
of ZANU PF, and Dennis says the GNU provided the foundation for a time
of unity and tolerance. In Reporters Forum Lance looks at the week's
top stories with expert analysis from broadcast journalist Brilliant
Pongo and political commentator Bekithemba Mhlanga. Gorden Moyo, the
Minister of State in the Prime Minister's office, said that
consultations to ease media restrictions will start in a few weeks. A
three-day ministerial retreat in Victoria Falls also unanimously agreed
to review the media policy, to allow divergent voices to be heard. The
programme looks at what reforms are needed for real media freedom to

This week on Through the Valley, the second Sunday of Easter, Richard
reflects on this past festival and the current role of the Catholic
Church in Zimbabwe. The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace is
beginning a process of confession and reconciliation in the country,
where some men who tortured for ZANU PF during elections last year are
telling the truth about what took place and are now seeking
forgiveness. Tichaona presents the programme Rebuilding Zimbabwe, where
his guest is pro-democracy activist Daniel Molokela. Political
commentators have been criticising the call by Southern African leaders
for US$8 billion to be given to Zimbabwe to rebuild the economy, what
are Daniel's thoughts on the subject? Democracy 101 is the programme
that gives a beginners guide to democracy and the democratic process.
Willy, Dominic and Lameck discuss the recent battle of the information
Ministries.' Critics say the MDC signed up to a flawed arrangement'
with the unity government, and they shouldn't have signed before the
allocation of Ministries had been finalised and while other issues such
as governorships remained unclear. Issues such as repealing POSA and
AIPPA should now be a priority.

Every weekday we bring you a Newsreel bulletin at both the opening and
the closing of our weekday broadcasts with all the latest news
concerning Zimbabwe, and on Saturday we have a News Roundup of the
week's events.

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