ZIPRA fighters want TRC

zipra_fighters.jpgJOHANNESBURG - Former ZIPRA fighters say that they support growing calls for Zimbabwe's national unity government to set up a truth and reconciliation commission, to deal with cases of political violence.

Retired colonel, Ray Ncube, the interim national chairman of the ZIPRA
Veterans Association, told members that the former soldiers, who fought
in the military wing of PF-ZAPU during Zimbabwe's war of liberation,
believed that only such a commission would bring total healing to

Right now there is growing anger and mistrust among neighbours,
especially in the country's rural areas, because some people brutalized
civilians and vandalized their property just because they supported
rival political parties, said Ncube.

The retired colonel said that the former freedom fighters had no right
to brutalise people, as that was not the reason they fought in the
liberation struggle.

We did not go to the liberation war so that we could brutalise our own
people for supporting political parties of their choice and all those
who did it should tell the world why they did it and where they learnt
it, he said. We fought so that people could have their rights and
that included their right to choose a political party that they want to
belong to.

He added that none of those who terrorized civilians would be allowed
into the leadership of either ZIPRA or ZAPU, as they would taint the
image of the two organizations.


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