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thabani_kamusokoNjube Sundowns midfielder Thabani Kamusoko -- who lists his age as 21 years -- tells The Zimbabwean on Sundays Grace Chirumanzu that local teams need to invest more in youth development, while the corporate world should provide more sponsorship money to help retain local talent.

But since this will certainly be long in coming, Kamusoko says his hope now is to one day make it in the better paying European leagues. Excerpts:
Grace Chirumanzu (GC): Many players cite an elder brother or their father who played soccer before as their greatest inspiration who encouraged them to play football, in your case who was the driving influence?
Thabani Kamusoko (TK): It was my uncle who encouraged me to play football and he has always been supportive.

GC: If you had to pick your two best players at home and abroad who would they be?
TK: Locally, I would say Peter Ndlovu and on the international scene I would pick Louis Figo.
GC: Whats your assessment of the local game?
TK: Well, our football has lost of talented players but unfortunately lack of sponsorship continues to hinder the development of the game. Playing abroad then becomes every players dream; I also wish to play football in Europe.
GC: what do you say to suggestions that referees have a tendency to biased in favour of your team when playing home at Pelandaba stadium?
TK: That is a lie. If a team loses away from home there are always people who will want to say the away team lost because of the referee. But I believe referees have been fair at Pelandaba. They may have their shortcomings but they I do not think there was any time they contributed to us winning or losing.
GC: Which team has given you your toughest game yet?
TK: It was Dynamos when we played them last year, but it was a bit different when we played against them this year. We managed to draw 1-1.
GC: And is it not a tiring routine, commuting from Bulawayo where you and your teammates live to Pelandaba stadium, your home ground in Gwanda?
TK: It is not as hectic as it may seem. There are a lot of supporters who come and watch us play in Gwanda, so we always feel at home.
GC: If you were to leave Njube Sundowns, what is it that you will miss most?
TK: It would be my teammates that I will miss the most.
GC: What would you say is the most important thing that teams should do in order to improve the local game?
TK: There are quite a number of things but top on the list is youth development. I would like to see many clubs helping young players to discover their dream.

Fact File
Fullnames :Thabani Kamusoko
D.O.B :02 March 1988
P.O.B :Mzilikazi, Bulawayo
Nickname :Mickey
Jersey Number :10
Previous clubs :Highlanders
Current club :Njube Sundowns

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