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In a wide ranging interview with The Zimbabwean on Sunday's Grace Chirumanzu, influential Highlanders skipper Zephania Ngodzo, 24, tells of how he started his career and reveals that his greatest inspiration tells is his brother, Johannes Ngodzo. Excerpts:

Grace Chirumanzu (GC): What do you think went wrong against Dynamos, last week, 4-0 that was some defeat?

Zephania Ngodzo (ZN): Yeah that is football Grace. It was just not our
day. I would not have taken the blame on anyone because everyone really
played well; it was just a bad day for us.

GC: Yeah sure, so tell us what defines Zephania Ngodzo?

ZN: Zephania is a talented young player who normally likes to joke with
teammates. I enjoy the company of my teammates because we joke and know
how to draw our lines so that no one crosses any one's path.

GC: Who would you regard as Zimbabwe's top 11 soccer legends?

ZN: To be honest I have never really followed soccer that much when I
was young. It was even worse that, unlike today where there is much
publicity about players I never really got to know much about our
players then.

GC: Who is your source of inspiration?

ZN: My brother, Johannes Ngodzo.

GC: How did you and your brother start playing football?

ZN: We started at an early age, playing street soccer and money games.
We both played for the Highlanders juniors but not on the same team
because my brother graduated to the senior level early in his career.

But eventually we played together in the senior team. He has helped
the team so much, with his experience, he is able to dictate a pace in
a match and his presence has always motivated not only me but also
other youngsters on the field.

GC: What is it that you like most about Bosso, which has made you stick with them ever since you started your career?

ZN: It is mainly because it is a professional club; no one is bigger
than the club. We are all equal and we are treated the same.

GC: Who can you say is the striker who has given you a torrid time in the field of play so far?

ZN: Well it is quite difficult to single out anyone because all the
matches that we have played so far have all been challenging.

GC: What does the Bosso captain do in his spare time?

ZN: I normally watch television or listen to music. I like deep house music and lovers' rock. I just want to relax doing that.


Full names: Zephania Ngodzo

D.O.B: 25/ 01/ 1985

Place of Birth: Bulawayo

Nicknames: Mania

Position: Defender

Jersey number: 15

Previous teams: Highlanders juniors

Current team: Highlanders F.C

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