Kruger lions terrorise villagers

lionsBEITBRIDGE - A pride of stray lions from Kruger National Park in South Africa has once again descended on Chikwalakwala village in Beitbridge district, where they are reportedly terrorizing villagers and killing their livestock. According to villagers, the lions, which were last reported in March, have resurfaced and are killing cattle and donkeys.

We are losing our cattle to stray lions, which are coming from Kruger National Park in South Africa and we are appealing for assistance from the relevant authorities, said Elliot Mbedzi of Chikwalakwala. In fact my two donkeys were last week killed by these stray lions.

A villager from Chitulipasi, Simon Chauke, said: We are now living in fear.
He said the lions were also a threat to local children who travel long distances to schools using bushy pathways.

The Public Relations Manager of the ZNPWMA, Ms Caroline Mashaya Moyo, said she was not aware of the development and promised to investigate. We have not yet received a report of lions terrorizing villagers in Chikwalakwala but, however, we will certainly investigate and come back to you within three days, she said.

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