Obama welcomes Tsvangirai

obama_tsvangiraiHARARE - THE United State of America President Barack Obama said he is prepared to receive Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangira on FRIDAY JUNE 12. Tsvangirai who is leading a Zimbabwean delegation to Europe and the U.S on a governments mission improve diplomatic relation, lobby for the lifting of sanctions and seeking financial aid will arrive in America on

He is also scheduled to meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday June 11.

In a statement seen by The Zimbabwean from the U.S Press Secretary on the visit of Tsvangirai, President Obama stated that he was looking forward to welcoming Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe to the Oval Office on Friday, June 12. The President looks forward to welcoming Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe to the Oval Office on Friday, June 12, read part of the statement.

The Prime Minister, along with millions of Zimbabweans, has been working against the odds to secure a stable democratic future for the people of Zimbabwe. The two leaders will discuss the difficult road ahead in Zimbabwe, including how the United States can support the forces of reform as they work to bring the rule of law, respect for human rights, and free and fair elections back to Zimbabwe, the statement said

Tsvangirai has so far been to the Netherlands on the first leg of a six-nation tour that will also take to, France, Britain, Sweden and Belgium. He however left empty handed as the Dutch Government did not yield to any of his requests, preferring to set conditions.

The Dutch Development Aid Minister, Bert Koenders told Tsvangirai that his country would like to see more progress on reforms targeting human rights, the reining in of the military and the countrys central bank.

Tsvangirai will meet Obama barely five day after Washington said it was troubled by the absence of reform in Zimbabwe and has no plans for now to offer major aid or lift sanctions against President Robert Mugabe. Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of State for African Affairs, said more political, social and economic reforms were needed either before substantial U.S. aid could kick in or targeted sanctions against Mugabe were lifted.

There is no indication that the U.S. government is prepared to lift economic sanctions against those in Zimbabwe who have been most responsible for undermining the countrys democracy and destroying its economy, Carson was quoted saying on Monday.

Increasingly substantial aid is dependent upon them making political concessions and fulfilling the agreements that they have already made and in returning the country back towards more democratic rule, he said.

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