Police probe man for spying on MDC

arrestHARARE Police say they are investigating a man who was recently caught posing as an MDC party security officer at Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's office at Munhumutapa Building in Harare's central business district.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri told RadioVOP last week that the MDC security had not reported the case to the police when it happened.

“We have always told people to report to the police if they suspect any unusual behavour like in this case. We are going to probe the issue since we were given the ID documents which were taken away from the suspect,” said Phiri.

The MDC believes the man was on a mission to spy on Tsvangirai. The party’s director of security, Kisimusi Dhlamini told Radio VOP that the man had three identification details – one from the Zimbabwe National Army bearing the name Alex Masisimani, Regiment number 803889R, national ID number 07-1004561-07 and a Zimbabwe Republic Police CID identity card bearing the name Goshomi C, force number 042208C rank of detective seargeant.

The man entered the Prime Minister’s offices and lied to PM’s Personal Assistant that he was from the MDC’s security department and had been assigned to carry out some security duties in South Africa by the party and that he was back. He claimed he wanted to brief the party president on the outcome of the assignment.

“Acting on a tip off from my alert security, I quickly got into the office where the guy was trying to convince the Prime Minister’s PA to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister. Upon seeing me the guy …ran away. We made a follow up and caught him before he left the Munhumutapa building where we searched him and discovered the three identity cards,” said Dhlamini.

Dhlamini said they released the man after taking away the three IDs he was carrying. He said they did not report the matter to the police because they were convinced the police would not take any action.

The MDC Minister for Healing Sekai Holland told the BBC recently that MDC members lived in fear of their lives as they constantly got threats to assisinate them.
Efforts to get an official comment from ZNA were fruitless. — Radio VOP

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