Soldiers sleeping conditions shameful

soldier_zimI can't believe my son was lying on that desk for three months
BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe National Army infantry battalion soldiers are using classroom desks as beds as the army has no money to buy bunk beds. This came to light during the recent pass out parade at the barrack where 140 military police graduated.

“The situation is bad, when we came here three months ago we were told that the desks were a temporary measure but we have been sleeping on those desks this whole time,’ said a soldier who graduated at the Military Police School.

The soldier said that he had difficulties sleeping when the course commenced but got used to the desks after realising that there were no beds coming their way after all.

“We were hopeful in the beginning but we lost hope when a month passed and
there was no word from the superiors,” he said.

HQ1 brigade is in charge of training Military Police from all the wings in
the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

A parent who had come all the way from Harare to witness her son’s graduation almost broke down in tears at the sight of what her son used as a bed in the duration of the course.

“This is very shocking, I can’t believe my son was lying on that desk for three months. It is so disappointing that a national army is living in such squalid conditions, she said.

The woman said that it was disappointing considering how the Army had come out in strong defence for Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, threatening to go to war after MDC called for his dismissal yet they lived in pathetic conditions.

The reviewing officer, Major General Trust Mugoba declined to comment saying that it was not his duty to speak on behalf of the military.

“My job has nothing to do with commenting on army business,” he said.

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