Theft cripples rural radio comms

solar_panelsBEITBRIDGE - Organised theft syndicates have descended on Masera and Swereki areas of Beitbridge district where they have reportedly stolen solar panels at several rural clinics. This has impacted negatively on the health delivery system.

The MP for Beitbridge West constituency, Metrine Mudau, confirmed having received such reports. We are getting numerous reports of solar panels being stolen from rural clinics in Beitbridge West. Recently thieves broke into Masera and Swereki clinics where they stole solar panels, which are essential in communication. We are urging police to investigate the cases as a matter of urgency, she said.

Our worry is that in the event of a critical case, clinic staff in those affected areas have no way to communicate with their counterparts, she said. The clinics use solar powered radios for communication. Mudau also expressed concern over an acute shortage of essential drugs in rural clinics.

Ambulances cannot access remote areas of the district due to poor roads and we are also saying there is a compelling need to address the problem as soon as possible.
She promised to investigate recent complaints made by villagers in Mpande and surrounding communities, who are alleging that they were being denied medical attention at Zezani clinic because the health facility was not in their administrative ward.

Mpande, Dzingamwa and Mtangamutshena are situated closer to Zezani Clinic and authorities at the health facility are reportedly insisting that people from these places go to Majini Clinic 20km away, although it is in their ward. According to the Beitbridge Rural District Council boundaries Mpande falls in Ward 12 while Zezani is in Ward 11. However, the distance between Zezani and Mpande is only about 5km.

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