Tsvangirai: Mugabe should think of an exit plan

tsvangirai_adressingPrime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says President Robert Mugabe should seize the opportunity presented by the all inclusive government and start thinking of mapping a dignified exit from power. Tsvangirai was speaking on Cable News Network (CNN)'s Inside Africa programme during a visit to London.

The Prime Minister was responding to a question on whether Mugabe should retire.
“I think at the age of 85 one needs to retire but our circumstances are totally different. We have got this political dispensation that he has to play a part,” said Tsvangirai.
“For his own legacy i think it is important for him to start considering about how to have a dignified exit and this provides him with an opportunity.” Tsvangirai said he has a cordial working relationship with Mugabe but stressed that there has to be mutual respect inorder for the political agreement to work.

“We don’t have to fall in love to work together but we have an agreement to work together and we have to respect each other as President and Prime Minister,” said Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe’s two main political parties the MDC and Zanu PF signed a power sharing agreement last year in September. The agreement led to the formation of a coalition government running state affairs.

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