Exiled Zimbabweans demand multiple-citizenship

citizenHARARE - Zimbabweans living outside the country have demanded the re-introduction of multiple-citizen status. This will enable them to live and work in countries where they have been driven mostly by political persecution and economic collapse.

Daniel Molokele of Global Zimbabwe Forum which represents exiled Zimbabweans, said the issue of citizenship was preventing a significant number of people from getting jobs in foreign countries. This, he said, had led to the call for a change in the countrys citizenship laws.

If we can have multiple currencies, why cant we have multiple nationalities? said Molokele. The majority of Zimbabweans in the UK, South Africa and Botswana are struggling. Some of them want to come back home but they cant. People want to return, but as long as conditions are as bad as they are they wont come.

The government abolished multiple-citizenship in the 1980s mainly to force people of British descent to abandon land holdings in Zimbabwe. When multiple-citizenship was scrapped, many opted to keep their foreign nationality. They were then forced to sell off properties after the government banned farm land ownership by foreigners.

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