Kariba Draft is mine – Chinamasa

chinamasaHARARE - Justice and Legal affairs Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, has claimed that he is the sole author of the Kariba Draft constitution. Chinamasa told journalists at the Chinhoyi Press Club recently that he had crafted the Kariba Draft in the comfort of his lounge over a long period beginning in 2001 - not at Lake Kariba or in a houseboat as previously reported.

He said he later took the draft to the secret Kariba houseboat meeting for “baptism” with the aid of Welshman Ncube, Secretary General of the breakaway faction of the MDC. He said if he had his own way he would have called the document the “Chinamasa Draft” as it was the result of his efforts alone.

Chinamasa said he was therefore surprised why some politicians and civil society organisations like ZCTU and NCA were denouncing the document. He vowed that the Kariba draft would be used as a working document. He also said Zanu (PF) had adopted it and urged the MDC to follow suit. “We drafted the Kariba Draft from late 2001 with Welshman Ncube before the split of the MDC. In 2007 we were joined by Tendai Biti and Nicholas Goche and went formally to Kariba to baptize it.

We cannot throw seven years of hard work down the drain. Zanu (PF) has adopted the document and we expect the same from the MDC, said Chinamasa.
Chinamasa is also believed to be the brains working behind the scenes with the blessing of top party officials on an exit strategy for Mugabe. He was trying to get rid of Mugabe while Welshman Ncube was trying to get rid of Morgan Tsvangirai.
Chinamasa survived Mugabes purge of the party following the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration, widely seen by many as an abortive palace coup and Ncube failed to oust Tsvangirai.

There were numerous unconfirmed press reports at the time that Ncube had been holding several secret meetings with Chinamasa.
Ousted former South African President Thabo Mbeki is widely believed to have played a significant role behind the scenes. Insiders say he knew all the secret meetings and deals agreed between Chinamasa and Ncube, the ultimate goal of which was keeping Zanu (PF) in power by hook or by crook.
Goche came in at the last minute after Zanu (PF) hardliners aligned to Mugabe were no longer comfortable with Chinamasa. The Tsholotsho declaration revealed the machinations of six Zanu (PF) Provincial Chairmen. Chinamasa was working with Mugabes disgraced spin doctor, Jonathan Moyo.

The Tsholotsho plotters wanted to install Emmerson Mnangagwa as heir to Mugabes throne. If they had had their way, Mugabe would have been eased out of power by now. Chinamasa was Mugabes top negotiator during the SADC-sponsored talks which culminated to the Global Political Agreement signed on 15 September 2008. He remains Mugabes top negotiator today.
Chinamasas revelations have emerged as the ZCTU and NCA commence their parallel constitution-making process with a Peoples Convention in Chitungwiza, threatening to spearhead a NO vote in the constitutional referendum unless the proposed constitution is not people-driven.

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