Makoni launches political party today

simba_makoniHARARE Zimbabwes former finance minister Simba Makoni will today transform his Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn movement into a fully-fledged political party. (Pictured: Simba Makoni)

The move to turn the movement into a political party is coming after the former ZANU PF politburo member aborted its transformation thrice earlier this year after his former colleagues in the movement national convener Ibbo Mandaza and mobilisation chairperson Kudzai Mbudzi deserted him and accused him of financial impropriety and maladministration.Denford Magora, Makonis spokesperson, yesterday said the launch of the new party would take place at Stoddart Hall in Mbare, Harare.

The party will be launched tomorrow (Wednesday), Magora said. Our national executive has approved the transformation, although I am not at liberty to disclose the name of the party yet. We expect foreign dignitaries to attend the launch.

Magora declined to give further details of the launch, but sources said Makoni was destined to be the president.

In March this year, lawyers representing Mandaza and Mbudzi filed an ordinary High Court application to bar Makoni from using the movements property.

The application came barely a week after Judge President Rita Makarau threw out an earlier urgent application by the duo to bar Makoni from using Mavambos resources.

Makarau said the applicants had failed to approach the courts for relief early enough to show that the matter was urgent.

In the papers lodged, the applicants said the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn Movements presidential campaign for Makoni last year was well funded and received a donation of US$3 million and 34 vehicles, some of which were attached to Makoni.

Serious problems arose in the Movement after the elections in March 2008. For reasons difficult to understand, Simba Makoni literally became a very different Simba Makoni from the Simba Makoni whom the Movement had nurtured into being its presidential candidate, the court application says.

According to the papers, Makoni and a small team of what are allegedly his personal friends, including Abby Mujeyi, took advantage of their location at the head office, and their administrative responsibilities to make decisions which were completely contrary to those of the national coordinating committee.

In May and June 2008 for example, the Movement resolved to unilaterally and unconditionally support Morgan Tsvangirai in the event of a runoff. Despite being present at the meetings and in fact agreeing to the resolutions, Simba Makoni proceeded to announce a vague, meaningless and ambivalent position of his own which has hurt the image of the Movement, the application states.

The movement also accuses Makoni and his coterie of friends of turning the money and assets of Mavambo to their own personal use.

Mandaza and Mbudzi allege that there are 20 other cars which despite a resolution, Makoni has withheld and refuses to distribute to the provinces.

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