MDC sticks to its founding values on new Constitution

mdc_logoThe MDC remains committed to its founding values and principles and as a people-driven party, we fully believe in a truly people-driven Constitution-making process. In our election manifestos in 1999, we made the following commitment:

The MDC rejects the current president appointed commission on the constitution and will facilitate the development of a peoples constitution through a democratic process that provides mass education on the constitution that provides for a commission based on elected representation of all social groups.We restate our commitment to a peoples Constitution. True to its founding values, the MDC is aware that a truly people-driven Constitution must not be controlled by politicians but by the people.

The Parliamentary Select Committee will not write a Constitution for Zimbabwe but will play a facilitative role to enable the people to make their own Constitution. The onus is on the people to fully participate in this process and make a Constitution that will outlive politicians and political parties; a Constitution that will have an enduring legacy that will create a Zimbabwe which is a conducive home for all of us regardless of tribe, race, age, religion or social status.

The MDC believes that the current process still provides people with a window of driving the process through the All Stakeholders Conferences and the referendum which are provided for in the Global Political Agreement. The referendum provides the people of Zimbabwe with a platform to pass a verdict on both the process and the content of the Constitution. There is no betrayal at all of our founding values as alleged by some of our colleagues in civic society.

We however, agree with our colleagues that it is wrong to foist the Kariba draft on the people of Zimbabwe. Whether its the Kariba draft, the Chirumanzu draft, the Goromonzi draft or the Tamandayi draft, it must not be forced down our throats. The people must express their unfettered will in a Constitution. No politician and no political party should be allowed to impose its will on the Constitution.

The MDC is a party of excellence. We abide by our founding principles. We are a people-driven party and naturally, we believe in people-driven processes. The people of Zimbabwe must write their own Constitution.

Together to the end, marching to a new Zimbabwe.

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