Platinum mining problems

plutinum_miningHARARE - Platinum production is struggling owing to the combined effects of the global economic recession and inadequate working capital, players in the mining sector have said. Former President of the Chamber of Mines, David Murangari, revealed that production levels of platinum were still fall far below the targeted one million ounces per year.

“We are currently producing below average. This year our target is to mine at least one million ounces but unfortunately the global recession, countered by lack of funding from the government, is making it a pipe dream,” said Murangari.

The former president also said there was need for mechanisation in mines to improve the production of various minerals.

“Mining equipment in most mines is now outdated so there is need for up to date machinery. Some of the equipment you find in mines is so outdated that you cannot find spares. As a result, major breakdowns occur,” he added.

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