Shame the West, Mr President

rgmAs has become the norm whenever he is given opportunity to address the international community, President Robert Mugabe used the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Egypt last week to call for lifting of Western sanctions against himself, his family, their political allies, friends and relatives.

Western powers were bent on using illegal and unilateral sanctions to effect regime change in Zimbabwe, trampling upon the sovereign wishes of Zimbabweans who have chosen to work together in a unity government, Mugabe told his NAM allies. Zimbabwes ills are a result of the abhorrent machinations of the West, said Mugabe.

Point taken Mr President. However, we have a few suggestions to make. Why not shame the evil West by fully implementing the provisions of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and instantly rob the United States and its European Union allies of a pretext to maintain the visa and financial sanctions and to deny direct financial support to the unity government.

Retire Mr Gideon Gono from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, remove Mr Johannes Tomana from the Attorney Generals office and you could leave Washington and Brussels clutching at straws to justify their policies against your Zanu (PF) party and the unity government.

Mr President, in one fell swoop you could easily silence the West by doing the following: put an end to violence on commercial farms, withdraw the army from Marange diamond fields, uphold media freedom, restore the rule of law upon the land and direct all security forces to uphold human rights and to stop harassing your political opponents.

Then, Mr President, we guarantee you would never have to embarrass yourself again pleading with the walking-dead like the NAM to help you beat those financial and visa bans by the West something that group has no power to do.

In addition, the rather strange plan that we report about elsewhere in this newspaper for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais office to draft policy proposals on how to get the West to lift sanctions on yourself and other Zanu (PF) officials would not be needed.
Needless to say that the actions we suggest you take are not only correct but are of the best interests of the country and who knows could go a long way to atone for the many transgressions of your rule and probably assuage the anger of those who continue to mention The Hague and your name in one sentence.
We leave it in your able hands, your Excellency!

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