Shut him up!

rgHe never learns does he? There he was again - shooting his mouth off and calling Americas most senior diplomat on Africa - Johnnie Carson, an idiot. And these words coming out of the mouth of someone who has headed a government for almost 30 years he should know a thing or two about diplomacy. Its shocking.

Carson is not only a senior official in Barack Obamas government he is Zimbabwes friend in that government. The man truly loves our country. We should be taking
advantage of the fact that we have somebody in such a high office who knows our country, who has compassion for our people, who can put in a good word for us. But what does that old man in Munhumutapa Building do? He insults him to our lasting shame.

America, whether one likes it or not, has been supportive of ordinary Zimbabweans they have fed and educated our people. They have sent us medicines. They have given us a lot more aid than the Chinese who are supposed to be our best friends. One can disagree with the policies of the American government without insulting them. That just shows political immaturity, or worse political senility.

Carson was not asking Mugabe to take a poison pill. He was simply saying Mugabe should honour the terms of his own agreement, which he voluntarily signed amid much fanfare in Harare. Under the terms of that agreement, the inclusive government is supposed to liberate the media, restore the rule of law and end political violence. More freedom for the people of Zimbabwe to associate and speak freely is what
was agreed to.

What is wrong with that? Why is it a problem? Why should somebody calling on us to do this suddenly become our enemy to be publicly slated as an idiot. If this kind of thing continues, we should seriously consider bringing in the men in white coats to take this raving geriatric away in a straight jacket to a secure place.

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