Support Tsvangirai says Tekere

edgar_tekereHARARE - For the first time, former Zanu (PF) secretary general, Edgar Tekere, has endorsed Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais leadership and urged Zimbabweans to give him their full support. (Pictured: Edgar Tekere encouraged people to support the MDC trio.)

He said he had faith in the Tsvangirai Trio – Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his two deputies, Arthur Mutambara and Thokozani Khuphe to get Zimbabwe out of the economic quagmire. I see them as a trio. We must assist them. They are the ones sweating to make our country come back to life, he said.

At the Vision 2040 conference last weekend, the veteran politician said that the MDC had been wrong to allow Mugabe to stay on as President in the inclusive government after he had lost the election in 2008.

He encouraged the audience to isolate those who plundered this country. I want to put my faith in the Tsvcangirai trio. Please, please, please Comrade Mutambara go to your colleagues and tell them Two boy is on a campaign to tell the country to get them (Mugabe and his henchmen) out of way, said Tekere.

The politician then rebuked Mutambara. I have a strong word of rebuke against you, Professor Mutambara: makapisira (you sold out). That was very big treachery. If it was Mbeki who persuaded you to do that, I am sure by now you should have learnt better. It was apparent Tsvangirai won that election even if it was by half a vote. Mugabe lost.

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