Zanu-MDC generation gap causes problems

chamisa_nelsonGUTU - MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa the generation gap between Zanu (PF) and the MDC was responsible for many of the inclusive governments problems. The coterie of Zanu (PF) geriatrics were locked in a time warp and it was time the people retired them at the next election to allow an energetic and dynamic team of younger people to take over the coun

“We want a Constitution that defines term limits for leaders,” Chamisa added. “Kwete kuti mutungamiri oramba angovapo sechipikiri chiri kumadziro.” He said Zanu (PF) had no business imposing the Kariba Draft on the people. The need for national healing had also forced the MDC to form a new government, he said. All parties to the inclusive government had sworn that never again would the people be subjected to political violence.

Chamisa said Zanu (PF) should change its clenched fist salute. “Chibhakera munoda kurova ani?” said Chamisa. “We are all Zimbabweans. Dont be used by leaders who are divisive.” He said the committee of ministers tasked with leading the national healing process would be coming down to Gutu and many other areas to find out what had happened during the election period.

The MDC was noting down names of victims of political violence to arrange compensation for them. He said those who were in government had run out of ideas.
“There was nothing in shops, buses had stopped running, hospitals were empty,” he said. Chamisa said the economic recovery promised by the MDC would take time because the economy was in the intensive care unit.

“Kugadzirisa murerwe anga ava pamubhedha hazvitori zuva rimwe chete,” Chamisa said. He said there were modest gains made by the GNU and praised Finance minister Tendai Biti and all ministers in the GNU for doing their job with distinction.
“We are still suffering but we are on a journey,” Chamisa said. He said there must be tangible evidence in people’s lives and said the MDC wanted all villagers in Gutu to start drinking tea with sugar, eating vegetables prepared with cooking oil, eating sadza and meat.

“Vanomwa doro mubvewo kuma scud mutange kumwa aya anonzi ma headmaster,” Chamisa joked. He said the MDC also wanted to reform of national institutions which had been deeply entrenched in Zanu (PF) politics. “Police, army, CIO should serve the people. There is no Zanu (PF) police in this country. Security forces should serve Zimbabwe not narrow political interests.”

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