Zapu to contest by-election in Nkayi, Lupane and Bulilima

mutambara_arthur"ZAPU has been following with keen interest developments in the MDC-M party, and feels it is now time to enter the fray. Zapu is excited by the prospect of a by-election for the House of Assembly for Nkayi South, Lupane East and Bulilima East. (Pictured: MDC-M President Mutambara )

This follows the dismissal by the MDC-Mutambara party of its three sitting parliamentarians, and the subsequent decision by the party to notify the Speaker of Parliament to ask the President to call for by-elections in the respective constituencies. Zapu is geared to enter the race in the three constituencies. Nkayi, Lupane and Bulilima are part of what we consider to be Zapu’s traditional “home-ground”. We are very confident of winning.

As for pending by-elections in other constituencies, Zapu will make its position known when the right moment comes. Zapu is cognisant of the agreement by Zanu-PF, MDC-M and MDC-T not to contest each other but to let the incumbent party stand unopposed if a by-election arose within 12 months of signing of the GPA. It is important to note that other political parties are not part to the agreement and therefore free to contest by-elections if they arose. In any case, we are about to reach 12 months since the GPA was signed. Given the process involved in organising and holding by-elections, we do not expect any to be held before September 15, when the 12 months period lapses.

Zapu calls on all its supporters who strayed into the two MDC formations and are finding life difficult there, and those who are still with Zanu-PF, to come back home. The revival of the party has been accomplished. The upcoming by-elections will prove to all that Zapu is back forever.”

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