ZBC managers grab News vehicles

zbc_logoHARARE - Managers at the struggling state controlled broadcaster are grabbing vehicles used for news gathering leaving reporters begging guests and sources to provide them with transport if they want to go out on assignments.

One of the news managers said have since approached News and Current Affairs General manager Tarzan Mandizvidza for the issues who have since not taken action. The managers who grabbed the only left two news vehicles according to
sources are Human Resources Manager Ms Benania Shumba and Finance
General manager a retired soldier Brigadier Kasu.

Most of the vehicles which the news organization was using acquired from the Reserve Bank during the March 2008 political campaign period have since been dumped in the company’s crap yard after having accidents through negligence by both the drivers and the management.

“It either a reporter invites his source to the Pockets hill studios or requests transport from the same if there are field vists.The situation is desperate and it artificial because these managers send the whole day in their offices while vehicles they grab from the news department are parked. We had proposed that the vehicles be used during the day when the owners are in their offices and get them back
at the end of the day but on one is willing to act positively. The News and General Manager Tarzan Mandizvidza is very much aware of this and is not taking any action.
Maybe because is not affected directly as he spends most of his time doing private business in town and only to engage us if a problem of transmission has arised,”said one of the news managers whom we can not name.

ZBC last year received more than thirty vehicles from the RBZ for political campaign,and most of them were taken by senior managers allocating only three to the news department. Most of the vehicles taken by the senior managers have since been dumped at the company’s garage after having had serious accidents. It is reported that one of the vehicles which is now not repairable was involved in a fatal accident while being driven by ZBH Chief Executive Happison Muchechetere’s son who is not the company employee and nothing was done to hold him accountable.

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