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jacob_zumaPresident Jacob Zuma arrives in Harare on Thursday to open the agricultural show. There will be the usual handshakes at the airport. There will be beaming smiles and bear hugs. There will be the usual Zanu (PF) rent-a-crowd and traditional dancers. (Pictured: Jacob Zuma)

But beneath this superficial celebration lies deep, simmering tension between the two neighbouring countries.

This tension is unnecessary. It has been brought about by President Robert Mugabes blatant disregard for property rights and his lack of respect for agreements he has signed with the international community on the protection of investment and with the MDC on the formation of a power-sharing government.

Mugabes total disregard for human rights and the rule of law, the unbridled corruption of his patronage system and his lust for power have resulted in the collapse of Zimbabwe. Millions of Zimbabweans have fled the country most of them to South Africa in search of peace, food and jobs.

Most of them would return home in a heartbeat if only these three things were available there. Mugabe holds the key to this. All he has to do is to implement the terms of the GPA fully and give the order that his vicious militia thugs, the army and the police should now all stop trying to destroy the MDC.

For years, The Zimbabwean has pleaded with Thabo Mbeki to be an honest broker in his role as mediator between the MDC and Zanu (PF). For years he sided with Mugabe under the guise of quiet diplomacy. The result of his efforts was the GPA a much-flawed arrangement.

Since it was signed, Mugabe has done everything possible to undermine it. Now is the time for SADC to get tough. They have the leverage. The GPA is the result of their attempt to solve the Zimbabwe problem.

There is no doubt that this problem is impacting severely on the entire region particularly South Africa.

We appeal to President Zuma please do the right thing on Zimbabwe. Please listen to the millions of Zimbabweans who have suffered much, and are still suffering, under Mugabes thumb.

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