May our leaders learn to do the right thing more consistently

The walk-out by several Zanu (PF) ministers from the governments weekend retreat in Nyanga shows the calibre of the people who have been sitting in cabinet, making the decisions that affect the lives of Zimbabweans for far too long now.

The excuse given by Patrick Chinamasa that they walked out because deputy prime minister, Arthur Mutambara, had accused Mugabe and Zanu (PF) of stealing the 2008 election, is pathetic.

It is well documented that Zanu (PF) stole that election. What is worse, more than 200 MDC members were murdered, and countless Zimbabweans were raped, beaten, tortured and displaced in the process.

Walking out of the conference was a childish act, and demonstrates that they have no defence against Mutambaras accusations.

We applaud those Zanu (PF) ministers, and all the permanent secretaries, who were mature and professional enough to refuse to join the walkout.

As for Mutambara, the issues he raised cause constant pain and frustration to millions of Zimbabweans, and need to be said. However, this was the wrong platform. The purpose of this gathering was to review progress, or lack thereof, since the establishment of the inclusive government. He should have confined his remarks to the subject under discussion.

We understand he had been provoked on the subject of the leadership crisis in his party and his own legitimacy. He should be mature enough not to be side-tracked by such provocation.

Managers learn to do things right. Leaders do the right thing. May our leaders learn to do the right thing more consistently – for the good of all Zimbabweans.

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