MDC mourns Vice President Msika

msikaThe MDC has learnt with shock the death of Zimbabwes Vice President and veteran nationalist, Hon. Joseph Msika, who died in Harare yesterday. The MDC would like to convey its condolences to the Msika family and the nation at large as we mourn the death of a nationalist and a veteran fighter of Zimbabwes struggle for independence. (Pictured: Joseph Msika)

The country has lost a true revolutionary and a self-less leader who spent more than half his life fighting for the liberation of our country. He has died in the phase of hope for the country he dearly loved; hope emanating from the formation of an inclusive government which has given Zimbabweans an opportunity for national healing and reconciliation.

That he has died a week before Heroes Day is enough testimony that he was a true hero unto himself; a man of valour who lost precious decades in foreign lands and in the forests so that justice would visit the land of his birth. The only befitting tribute we can pay to Hon Msika is when we create a truly just and free society where Zimbabweans of all political shades live side by side without fear; a Zimbabwe where we all feel we live in one country which gives us pride and which must create hope and a better future for all.

He was untainted with corruption; one of the few bigwigs who did not join the gravy train and whose name stayed away from scandal. If many of his generation could pluck a leaf from the way he lived, half of Zimbabwes problems would long have been solved.

The MDC joins the Msika family and the rest of the nation in mourning this great son of the soil.

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