MDC National Executive meets tomorrow

mdc_logoThe MDCs National Executive meets for the fifth time this year, at the partys headquarters in Harare tomorrow to deliberate on critical issues affecting the party and the inclusive government.

Top on the agenda will be a discussion on the outstanding issues to the Global Political Agreement (GPA), the progress or lack of it in the Constitution-making process as well as the grab-all and take-all attitude of Zanu PF, which has betrayed it as a dishonest partner in the inclusive government.

The outstanding issues have been the Achilles Heel of the inclusive government. Zimbabweans and the international community at large have waited patiently for visible reforms that reflect the new order and the new dispensation in the country. That hope has been dampened by Zanu PFs reluctance to clear all the outstanding issues that continue to puncture the wheels of change, progress and national development. These include the toxic issues of Central Bank governor Gideon Gono and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana, the swearing-in of Deputy Agriculture minister designate Hon Roy Bennett, the opening up of the media and the appointment of ambassadors and per

The National Executive will also discuss Zanu PFs grab-all attitude. Zanu PF wants to cling to governorships in all the 10 provinces; they want to control the public media and all State institutions including the army and the police.

Article 20.1.1 of the GPA is clear that executive authority is shared between the President, the Prime Minister and Cabinet. There has been a mischievous attempt by residual elements to ridiculously refer to President Mugabe as the Head of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Forces. Apart from that, President Mugabe is also the Chancellor of all State Universities. The President may be an immortal spiritual leader in Zanu PF but it is mischievous for anyone to transfer his laughable status and titles in his party to the national functions he executes as President of the country who is Head of State while the Prime Minister is Head of Government.

The MDC is the senior partner in this inclusive government. We did not join anyones government. Ours is not a unitary arrangement but an inclusive set up where executive power is equally shared between the President and the Prime Minister.

As a party, the MDC and its leadership have higher moral authority to claim senior status and longer titles in this inclusive government because we won the election on 29 March 2008. But we have never sought to abuse our national popularity to malign those who dismally lost in that plebiscite.

The MDC is a party of excellence. Our National Executive will assess and take stock of the Constitution-making process. We remain committed to our founding values that Constitution-making is a national process that must be truly people-driven. Zimbabweans must be given the unfettered permission to write their own Constitution. The people are our compass.

The people shall govern.

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